Going where there is no light
8 Gitmo prisoners have died:
  • 6 from apparent suicide
  • 1 from apparent heart attack
  • 1 from cancer
Afghan and Pakistani villagers are offered "millions of dollars... enough money to take care of your family, your village, your tribe for the rest of your life."
Only 5% of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners were actually captured by American troops.
86% of Gitmo prisoners were reportedly turned over to Coalition forces in response to a bounty offer.
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Scott Horton details the non-changes in American torture policy and practice from Bush to Obama

Here is a lecture by Scott Horton at the 4th QUIT conference Oct 2010 on all the ways that the US legal system continues to defend torture as policy and practice from Bush and on to Obama.  Horton is the Harper's  No Comment columnist and a lawyer for human rights.


Dear All,

America Must Finally Apologized for CIA Rendition Program

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